Medborgarskolan Kulturama Preparandum is the biggest dance studio in Växjö - with reference to the number of students, dance teachers on staff and our many dance styles offered. For two years in a row (2016-2017) we've been nominated to "Växjös Bästa Träningsställe" ("Växjö's Best Workout Place")! In 2016 we came top 5.
You're welcome to dance with us no matter what your age is or what experience you may have. We offer dance courses from the age of two and up. The levels of our dance courses are from beginner to advanced. You can find us in Växjö City at Linnégatan 17 in our big and bright facilities. 2017-2018 we celebrate 15 years and we promise you some fun surprises, you don't want to miss this!
In addition to our scheduled courses we offer private lessons, workshops, bridal showers, bachelor parties, birthday dance parties, dance performances and more. For more info: vaxjo@medborgarskolan.se


Just like every year, and as it says on the blue info note that was handed out to everyone in the beginning of the semester; we have dance classes as usual Thursday May 10 and Friday May 11. This is so that we can fit in 16 times during the Spring semester.
On your right here on our webpage, you can also see todays schedule and which classes are given. On Friday May 11, we end our last week of regular classes for this semester. As of Sunday May 13, we have no regular dance classes (unless your teacher has said anything different, some groups are recovering classes). On Mon 14 - Wed 16 we have a special rehearsal schedule before the show, according to the info rehearsal note that has been handed out to everyone. Lost your note? Then you can download it from our webpage through the links below.



On April 19 the tickets for this years big event were released! It's the finale of our 15 years anniversary celebration in Växjö Konserthus with dancing, singing and theatre in the dance show; "HARD WORK"!

Info about the last week of rehearsals, which day you/your child is performing, how you get tickets etc. is handed out during week 16-17 but you can also read and download it HERE


Elements & EllinorOn April 14 april there was a districts final of the dance competition "Danskarusellen" at Katedralskolan in Växjö. Our performance group Elements competed, with the guidance of Ellinor, and they received 2 diplomas; Best Choreography and Best Technique! They also came in first place which means that they will be competing in the national finals in Karlstad on May 26! We're very proud of everyone and happy to see everyone's support and congratulations!Element's prices



Finally, our volunteer Sahra from Turkey has arrived! Sahra in an EVS volunteer that will be with us at Kulturama Preparandum for one year. Say hi to her when you see her in the corridors so she feels welcome. Follow her adventures in Sweden on Instagram: @sahradansaivaxjo



Between Mon June 18 - Wed June 20 it's time for our popular Summer dance camp again! We're working on the schedule, keep an eye out on our webpage for more info.


Växjös Bästa 2017

For the second year in a row we were nominated to "Årets Bästa Träningsställe 2017!" (Best training place of 2017). A HUGE thank you to all of you who nominated us and then voted for us! We didn't make all the way but congratulations to Wellnes Studio that won!

Any questions? Check our Q & A page Q & A page (in Swedish)

The news letter for JAN/FEB 2018 (in Swedish)
Do you also want to receive our news letter? Send an email to: charlene.pihl@medborgarskolan.se
Follow our cheerleaders in KPC on Facebook HERE and our performance group Expressions HERE. And of course; don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @dansaivaxjo

CALENDER Spring 2018

Week 2-3 (Sun Jan 14-Fri Jan 19) Course start of our regular courses
Sat Jan 27 OPEN House in our dance studio! Free workshops and performances!
Week 8 (Feb 19-25) SPORTLOV! (Sports break) No regular classes!
Week 10 (March 5-11) Course start of our 10 time courses
Week 13-14 (Tues March 27-Mon April 2) PÅSKLOV! (Easter break) No regular classes!
Week 15 (April 9-15) Course start of our 5 time courses
Week 18-19 (Sun May 6-Fri May 11) Last regular week of courses
Week 20 Mon May 14 - Wed May 16 = Dress rehearsals in our dance studio
Sat May 19 - Sun May 20 = We end our 15 years anniversary with our yearly dance performances in Växjö Konserthus; HARD WORK!
June 1 The Autumn courses are out for registration! Note! There is no automatic registration to the Autmn! You have to make a new active registration if you want to continue.