Medborgarskolan is an adult educational association that was founded in 1940. We offer activities within many different subjects such as Crafts, Languages, Computer Knowledge, Food & Beverages, Body & Mind, Music, Theatre, Song and Dance. Medborgarskolan has put emphasis on dancing in Växjö. We're now the biggest dance studio in Växjö - with reference to the number of students, dance teachers on staff and our different dance styles offered.

Våra lokaler, Linnégatan 17All of our dance lessons are listed under the name Kulturama Preparandum and you can find us in Växjö City at Linnégatan 17 in our big and bright facilities.

Whatever your age - you're welcome to join us! We offer dance classes from the age of 4 and up. The levels are from beginner to advanced.

At Kulturama Preparandum in Växjö we "prepare" our dancers to take the next step. Kulturama in Stockholm offers a popular and professional post-secondary education that we're affiliated with. At Kulturama Preparandum in Växjö you will get the opportunity to prepare yourself to achieve your goals, or just dance because it's fun!

We employ trained and experienced teachers. In addition to their current training, we often offer our teachers continuing education to keep their skills current and fresh. We do this to benefit our students!

DackebackenDid you know that Medborgarskolan runs a music focused preschool in Växjö since 2014? It is called "Dackebackens Musikförskola", welcome! As a student at Dackebacken you also have 10% discount on our dance courses. Just write that your child is at Dackebacken when you register for a dance course.

We also have a partnership with so called "Ansluten versamhet" that we're cooperating with:
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